Ninja Saga Hack and Cheats on Facebook

Ninja Saga Hack and Cheats on Facebook


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Ninja Saga is a Facebook game which you can create your own unique ninja, customize it, and explore the awesome but dangerous ninja world. Basically Ninja Saga, is a role-playing game (RPG) where you get your chance to fulfill your Ninja dream; creating the most powerful ninja with exclusive and special skills. The game features training with more than 300 animated Jutsu, completing Missions, advance weapons, and powerful pets. You can challenge your friends in the game itself within a real time player versus player (PvP) battles and create your own Ninja clan to challenge other players as a team of ninjas.

In playing Ninja Saga, a rookie ninja can learn Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu which are the three most basic types of skills. As your ninja character skill level gets higher, then more types of skills appear so you can master. Chakra is the energy source for all Jutsu’s. As a Ninja, you must be aware and master your Chakra flow in order to fight well. Ninja Saga is available on Facebook, and is free to play. Log on to Facebook now and start playing Ninja Saga.

Ninja Saga Elements


Water element ninjas are able to use Chakra to manipulate water vapors in their surrounding environment to form attacks or defensive moves. They are especially skilled in the control of Chakra and Healing.


Fire element ninjas are capable of creating heat energy using Chakra to deal massive damage to their opponents. In general, fire is the most destructive of all five elements, however, fire users are less skilled in defensive moves.


Earth element ninjas are able to change the form and characteristics of soil using Chakra. Earth ninjas are skilled in defensive skills and are more capable of sustaining heavy damage.


Lightning element ninjas can use Chakra to manipulate the charge of particles in the surrounding air to generate static electricity. Although lightning attacks are normally less devastating than fire attacks, if the circumstances are right, they can deliver a more powerful blow surpassing fire elements.


Wind element ninjas are extremely sensitive to sudden changes surrounding air pressure and can use Chakra to create razor share wind attacks. Wind ninjas can often sense and dodge opponent’s attacks with blinding speed.

Ninja Saga Hack 100% Working

  • Ninja Saga Unlimited Gold Hack-Change the amount of your gold in the game using this Ninja Saga hack.
  • Ninja Saga Unlimited Tokens Hack-Change the amount of your tokens in the game using this hack.
  • Ninja Saga Ninja Emblem Hack-Get Ninja Emblem for free for any of your selected character. Ninja Emblem current bonuses will be applied to your character.
  • Ninja Emblem includes bonuses such as:
  • Create up to 6 Ninja
  • Learn up to 3 elements of Ninjitsu
  • Tons of hairstyles and colors for free
  • Exclusive Jutsu
  • Exclusive powerful Talent, Secret Jutsu
  • Exclusive Pets
  • Instant Jutsu learn
  • Exclusive Equipment
  • Special offer on “Reset Jutsu”
  • Special offer on “Rename Ninja’s name” (solves how to rename ninja in Ninja Saga)
  • Level Up Instantly
  • Max.49 Free Jutsu
  • Secret Scroll of Wisdom
  • and more
  • Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill Hack-Using this hack, you can kill an enemy in just one hit.
  • Ninja Saga Candy Code Generator Hack-Generate free Ninja Saga candy codes using this hack.
  • Ninja Saga Enemy Zero Damage Hack-This hack will make you invulnerable as enemy damage will be zero. Using this hack you can beat easily superior ninja bosses in the game.
  • Ninja Saga Level Up Instantly-Level up instantly in the game using this hack.
  • Ninja Saga Speed Hack-Change the speed settings of the game. Useful for time based missions.

How to Use

Ninja Saga Cheats and Hack Tool Instructions

1. Login with your Facebook account.
2. Start the Ninja Saga Hack and Cheats Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)
3. Start the Ninja Saga Facebook game app.
4. Select the Hack Tool and use Auto connect on Facebook, or click connect with Facebook to manually connect.
5. Edit the values.
6. Tun on aim bot if needed.
7. Click on Start Hack.
8. Visit Ninja Saga Facebook game app.

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